ATOMS LogoATOMS is designed to provide the academically talented students of your middle school (grades 6-8) a forum in which to excel and earn both prestige and prize money for the schools they represent. The tournament follows a “quiz bowl” format, pitting one school against one of many other schools in three (3) rounds of competition.

We are pleased to announce the annual Academic Tournament Open to Middle Schools (ATOMS). Middle Schools throughout the state of New Jersey have been invited to participate.  ATOMS is an offspring of the Bridgewater-Raritan Education Association’s high school competition, the Bridgewater-Raritan Invitational Tournament of Excellence (B.R.I.T.E.). The B-REA has been both host and sponsor of this competition for over twenty-eight years.

Any middle school in New Jersey may select by any means it deems appropriate six students (a four-person game panel and two substitutes) who will represent the school in competition. One of the four competitors shall be the designated spokesperson for the team and shall be the sole oral respondent.

Competition will take the form of a modified Jeopardy game. The questions will cover a variety of subject areas and will be graduated in difficulty. Each of these will carry a point value proportionate to its degree of difficulty. Questioning will alternate from team to team, with chances to “double score” one’s opponent by correctly answering a question previously answered incorrectly by the opponent.

Game Rooms
In each Game Room there will be two competing teams, a timekeeper (who may be a student from either school who is not competing at the time), a scorer and a questioner. The questioner must be one of the two adult coaches present. Rounds 1, 2, and 3 are paired completely at random. Elimination rounds will be power-paired.

Recognition will be awarded to outstanding schools and to individual team members at the conclusion of the competition. Certificates and trophies will be awarded, and the winning schools will take home checks in a sizable amount to be deposited in the school’s scholarship fund.

Direct questions and fees to:

Vincent Fedele, Registration Director
P.O. Box 6933
Merriwood Drive
Bridgewater, New Jersey 08807

For any questions regarding registration please contact:
Vincent Fedele at


Round 1: Thursday January 17,  2019

Round 2: Thursday January 24, 2019

Round 3: Thursday January 31, 2019

Round 4: Thursday February 7, 2019

Round 5: Thursday February 21, 2019

Round 6: Thursday February 28, 2019

Round 7:  Thursday March 14, 2018

Location: All Rounds, except the Final Round, are played at Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School and start promptly.

Time: Competition begins promptly at 4:00pm but please do not arrive before 3:00pm



Round 1,2 and 3 are paired completely at random.  Elimination rounds will be power-paired.

Game Rooms:

In each Game Room there will be two competing teams, a timekeeper (who may be a student from either school who is not competing at the time), a scorer and a questioner.  The questioner must be one of the two adult coaches present.

A four (4) player game panel must be declared prior to the beginning of each game.  These four (4) players must finish that game.  There will be no substitutions allowed until the start of the next game.  Substitutions made during a game may result in disqualification of that Round.

ALL game rooms MUST be left in the condition in which you found them. Please refrain from tampering with classroom computers, equipment and supplies and from removing or disturbing items n faculty and student desks (including candy or food items).  We also ask that you throw away all scrap paper and clear the board upon leaving the game room.

Food and beverages are NOT permitted outside the cafeteria.  NO open textbooks or reference materials may be brought into Game Rooms.


  1. The adult questioner will flip a coin to determine which team shall begin.
  2. The school wining the flip will choose :a) a question category from the categories listed, and b) a point value between ten (10) and fifty (50) points corresponding to the degree of difficulty of the question they wish to answer.
  3. The questioner will read the question clearly and distinctly TWICE in succession.  At the end of the second reading, the timekeeper will immediately begin timing the thirty-second answer period.  At thirty (30) seconds the timer will say “Stop”.   If the answering team has begun to utter a response, they may complete the answer; if the answering team has not physically begun to answer, the questioner will say “make-up”, and will give the opponent team ten (10) seconds in which to give the correct answer.
  4. Only ONE STUDENT may be the designated spokesperson for the panel that is receiving questions.  The scorer shall disqualify an answer given from any other member of the team.  The spokesperson alone shall have thirty (30) seconds in which to respond with a correct answer for the team (to the satisfaction of the adult scorer and questioner), the point value shall be awarded to the team answering the question.  If the question is answered incorrectly by one team, the opponent will accrue the same number of points for a make-up that is correctly answered.
  5. No partial credit will be awarded for any part of a question answered correctly.  The question must be answered correctly and completely.
  6. The team winning the coin flip at the beginning of the round will automatically be the first and last to answer in a twenty-five-question section.  Answering will alternate from team to team.
  7. The team with the highest cumulative score for three (3) consecutive sections shall be declared the winner at the end of the round.
  8. Questions requiring a person’s name as an answer may be correctly answered by giving the person’s surname only, provided there is no confusion, i.e. provided there are no other well-known people having the same surname (for example, the Roosevelt’s or Kennedy’s).
  9. Decisions of the judges are final.  The Tournament Director in the event of a dispute will determine the official declaration of the outcome of the match.  The game will never be replayed, although the outcome may be altered by appeal.  All appeals regarding answers to questions must be lodged immediately after an answer is accepted.  The appeal must be noted by the adult scorer and presented to the Tournament Director IN WRITTEN FORM at the END OF THE ROUND.  Both team advisors must sign the appeal form.  Verbal appeals will not be considered.  The appealing team will be notified of the decision.  PLEASE NOTE:  A team may enter two (2) appeals per round only.  If a team submits more than two appeals, the appealing team will lose twenty points for each answer that is ultimately determined incorrect.
  10. The team with the highest cumulative score at the end of the round will be declared the winner for the round.  The winning team will get fifty (50) additional points for the win and these will be added to the cumulative score.  Should a tie exist at the end of the round, the additional points will be split and each team will receive an additional twenty-five (25) points.
  11. In the advanced rounds only, if upon expiration of time, both teams have answered all questions and both teams have the same number of points, the tie will be broken with a playoff of questions.
  12. Both Team Advisors must sign the score sheets and present them to the Tournament Directors upon check out.
  13. Realizing that all teams run the risk of failing to arrive due to mechanical failure or inclement weather conditions, the ATOMS directors have adopted the following procedure:  If a team is unable to participate because their opponent has failed to appear on time, that team will be given a score of the average score of the top sixteen (16) teams competing on that day.  This procedure will be in effect only for the first three (3) qualifying round.  Consequently, if circumstances are such that the Directors feel that the team failing to appear should be given a bye, that team shall receive the average of its other two rounds in the bye slot.


There is a fee of $200 per team, plus the registration form. This fee entitles each team to compete in the first three rounds of competition. The top scoring teams will advance to further rounds. The registration fee is used to defray the cost of tournament operations, trophies, refreshments and monetary prizes.

Registration Forms should be completed and returned to the address printed below no later than December 15, 2016. Confirmation and additional information will follow receipt of the preliminary registration form. All checks should be made payable to ATOMS.

Payment Mailing Address:

Vincent Fedele, Registration Director
P.O. Box 6933
Merriwood Drive
Bridgewater, New Jersey 08807

For any questions regarding registration please contact:
Vincent Fedele at